Community Outreach, CPR & Tours

Community Outreach

LIsbon Emergency is active in our community.  We hold pumpkin carvings during Halloween, Moxie Days EMS coverage and Sports Coverage for Lisbon High School Events.

CPR Training

Lisbon Emergency participates in the Heart Safe Community Program, we help local businesses and the Towns of Lisbon and Bowdoin obtain AED's and provide CPR training.  We also teach CPR at Lisbon High School and provide training to individuals, organizations and groups as requested.  If you wish to receive CPR training please contact us!


Upon request Lisbon Emergency provides tours of our base and ambulances, please contact us for a tour!

Gold Level Heart Safe Community

About Heart Safe Community


We are pleased and excited to announce that Lisbon Emergency as well as the Towns of Lisbon & Bowdoin have been upgraded to “Maine Heart Safe Community, Gold Level”.   There is a very strong working partnership between Lisbon Emergency, Lisbon Police, Bowdoin Fire, and Lisbon Fire. When we are training for a sudden cardiac arrest and performing CPR all departments work as a team. 

“Survival rates drop as much as 10% for every minute that goes by without intervention. Having access to AEDs and Hands-Only CPR training are especially crucial in Maine’s rural communities,” said Dr. Adam Putschoegl of the American Heart Association in Maine. “If you see a teen or adult collapse, call 9-1-1 and push hard and fast in the center of the chest to the beat of the Bee Gees’ disco classic “Stayin’ Alive.” Performing Hands-Only CPR at this beat can more than double a person’s chances of survival.”1 

The criteria to be a Maine Heart Safe Community are: 

  • Community CPR/AED training, at least one training is required.   
  • Lisbon Emergency held 15 CPR/AED trainings at no cost, below are examples of trainings provided:  
  • All school bus driver's and all school kitchen staff 
  • All employees at Lisbon Credit Union 
  • All high school seniors 
  • Upper grade students at Lisbon Falls Baptist Church 
  • Teachers at Gartley School and High School 
  • Bowdoin Fire members 
  • Lisbon Rec Department summer camp staff 
  • Other classes including day care in town and nurses to name a few 
  • If you like CRP/AED please call 353-4079  
  • Community Cardiovascular Education, at least two is required 
  • Lisbon Emergency held two events 
  • Information and questions answered at “Girl Scout” day held at Lisbon Emergency's base for Girl Scout and their parents.  
  • Blood Pressure and information hand out at Dunkin Donuts. 
  • Information hand outs at Lisbon Town Hall.  
  • If you would like Cardiovascular Education please call 353-4079. 
  • AED's in EMS First Response Vehicles 
  • Lisbon Emergency owns one AED which is loaned out to Non-Profit for events. 
  • Lisbon Emergency loan's the AED to Lisbon Youth Baseball. 
  • If you of group or family hold a big event and would an AED at the event please call  353-4079. 
  • AEDs in Public Areas; at least one is required 
  • Lisbon Police Department has six (6) one in each cruiser—all officers are trained in CPR/AED/First Aid 
  • Lisbon Fire has six (6) one in Engine 1, 2, & 7, Rescue 10, Truck 6 and Squad 3 –Lisbon Fire has 42 members trained in CPR/AED; all members are trained for use. 
  • Bowdoin Fire has two (2) one in Engine 1 and one in Rescue 10 – Bowdoin Fire has 10 members trained in CPR/AED 
  • Town of Lisbon 
  • Recreation has two (2) – staff is trained in CPR/AED/First Aid 
  • Town Hall has one (1) 
  • Library has one (1) 
  • Schools 
  • Gartley Street School has one (1) 
  • Lisbon Community School has one (1) 
  • Sugg Middle School has one (1) 
  • Lisbon High School has two (2) and one that is at sport fields, this AED travels with away sport teams 
  • Bowdoin Central School 
  • Lisbon Credit Union, Two River Medical, Two River Dental, and Lisbon Family Dental Care each has an AED with trained staff in CPR/AED use. 
  • Cardiac monitor that is capable to do a 12-lead EKG; One (1) each ambulance in Lisbon Emergency's two ambulances.  All Lisbon Emergency’s Paramedic can activate the Cardiac Cath Lab (Cath Lab removes blockage/s in the heart). 
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support: it is required for a paramedic to be dispatched, or mutual aid paramedic to be dispatched, on all Advanced Cardiac calls. 
  • Lisbon Emergency has 10 paramedics on staff and area mutual aid agreements with Auburn Fire, United Ambulance, Topsham Fire and Brunswick Fire. 
  • Quality Review of cardiac calls 
  • Lisbon Emergency reviews all EMS calls done by Lisbon Emergency and Bowdoin Fire 
  • Lisbon Emergency takes part in the Regional Advance Airway call review. 

Lisbon Emergency goals for the next three years are to increase the number of trained people in CPR/AED for the Towns of Lisbon and Bowdoin as well as increase the number of AED's in the Towns of Bowdoin and Lisbon. 

You can help your family and community by learning CPR/AED use and know where the AED's are in your town! 

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